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Brand Art

"Branding is a phenomenon and your brand an experience!"

To seek growth means to constantly challenge one's own givens. In a world that worships multiplicity; having just your logo or a set of colours bear the responsibility of owning your brand's identity is unfair, rather unthoughtful. Gone are the days when a single colour or a set of shapes promised total recall amongst your audience. It is time now that we connect; carve our niche and celebrate who we are. It's time we create; and what better mode of creation than art?

Your brand is a world in itself that fosters a multitude of ideas. It speaks a language of its own and it's important that people identify with it.

Brand art is:
A brand today lives in people's houses, cars, wallets and most essentially brains. It's almost like a virtual member in the family. Brand art makes this member come alive. It brings you the opportunity to interact with your customers at a personal level, where they acknowledge your presence. Brand art for your customer is, thus, defined as a friend next door whom you put your trust in and know the secrets of.

We Bring in:
Viewing your identity with a different lens, allowing a number of ties to work together towards popularizing your brand amongst your customers, is what we excel in. Our artist creates an experience, around your brand, which extends itself beyond what is visually obvious. He serves as a bridge to bring your brand the youthfulness and uniqueness it deserves. After a detailed study of your brand, he develops customized brand art that ranges from murals in retail outlets to t-shirts, to better packaging, paintings and much more.

With appropriate imagery or characters brand art converses with your customers visually. With its personal, cult like rendering of you as a product, brand art defines your space among your buyers, bringing them closer to you. What this adds to your relationship with your customer is a sense of loyalty; a desire to follow you in every new chord you strike.

We Envision:
Our aim is to stylize the very form of communicating your brand, holding our viewers captive, with a whole new world of visual artistry.

Brand art delivers:

  • Custom created murals/paintings for:
    • Retail Spaces
    • Offices and Corporate Enclosures
    • Hotels and Restaurants
    • Pubs and Discos
  • Poster art for:
    • External Billboards
    • Print Ads
    • In store print display and visual merchandise
    • Packaging
    • Adapted to t-shirt/calendar/posters/screensavers/laptop skins etc.
  • Comics and Character Design
    • Brand mascot and character design
    • Graphic stories and comics related to the brand and its work
    • Games, virtual worlds and interactives.

We also offer logo and identity design as a part of building your brand, for which we have eminent artists, designers and brand planners. Our artist, George Mathen creates brand art, illustrations and comics.

Do it to know it. Feel free to fill up Inquiry Form and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.

Success Stories

Aishwarya Gurjar
(Manager, UTV Software Communications Ltd.)
It's been great working with Raj and his team. I'd like to mention the revert time on updates is brilliant and the team is extremely efficient and more importantly, very proactive.

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