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Web Designing / Industry Specific Website Designing

In this age of constant competition, effective marketing is the first step to the door of success! Whether you are a humble business team or a large scale corporate set up, the best way to propagate yourself worldwide is to have an elaborate business website of your own, which best exposes you to the world and makes your potential visible.

At Core Informatics, we excel in creating industry specific IT solutions for real estate, entertainment, music, education, hotel, travel & tourism, restaurant, finance, health/medical, export, manufacturing and many other industries.

In an expanding Internet marketplace, you need solutions that both speak to your industry and help your organization be preferred over the rest. We are here to turn our deep understanding of your industry needs into a dynamic, effective industry specific website design solution.

Financial Industry:For clients ranging from large corporate financial institutions to small investment firms and credit consolidators; we know what it takes to create a cost-effective website for financial industries. We benefit our clients with secure web solutions and help them:

  • Build and retain their customer base with secure, user-friendly information
  • Create business advantages through cutting-edge applications
  • Measure effectiveness with customized reporting

Hotel/Travel and Tourism: Booking hotels, rooms online is more of a necessity than a luxury now, owing to our fast pacing lives, where time saving options are best preferred. A large number of people book their travel packages or accommodation online and it is imperative that your website stands out to attract and sustain regular customers. We are here to promote you with a user-friendly industry specific website that can well expand your business.

Manufacturing: Our in-depth industry knowledge and the ability to implement effective web technology solutions can help you edge out competitors and maximize profit. We, at Core Informatics, exercise comprehensive business strategies to provide web-based solutions for manufacturers which can help them:

  • Reduce costs through organized and continuously updated reporting
  • Expand client margins by pushing more business to online channels
  • Measurably increase customer conversion rates through targeting online marketing efforts
  • Reach global markets by increasing corporate web presence

Health care: From building a website to monitoring patient records, we help you plan, design, securely implement, and manage your web solutions. You can exhibit your expertise, offer your members and visitors important information, and encourage every potential patient to make an appointment.

E-learning: Core Informatics helps you make E-learning much more than mere teaching, by involving engaging presentations, online collaboration, reusable training programs, and more. We deliver dynamic, easily accessible e-Learning programs that universities and businesses demand. With the right software, limitless expertise, and comprehensive software training, we can help clients achieve their e-Learning objectives like:

  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure
  • Instant connection between all team members
  • Easy access to live and on-demand meetings through a variety of web browsers
  • High-impact, customizable, and reusable multimedia presentations

B2B: Core Informatics builds cost-effective integrated solutions specifically designed for business-to-business companies. Our in-depth knowledge of business-to-business processes and advanced technology solutions mean you can:

  • Reduce and manage costs through up-to-the-minute reporting
  • Bring products to market faster by streamlining internal and external communication
  • Drive business through new channels by maintaining a hard-working website
  • Increase customer conversion rates with search-engine friendly and user-friendly web solutions

B2C: Business-to-consumer companies face a few challenges concerning sales increment, customer loyalty and website traffic. To meet these challenges, a convenient, easy to navigate, user-friendly service is essential. Core's industry expertise is here for you to:

  • Increase revenue by improving your online ordering process
  • Improve search engine rankings and website traffic through our advanced SEO tactics
  • Identify search patterns and buying trends to develop targeted marketing campaigns
  • Simplify website navigation so customers can easily find relevant product information
  • Provide an integrated, interactive shopping experience that drives customer loyalty to new levels

As a Company offering complete Web solutions in India we offer customer-oriented web design services and more importantly, deliver them effectively. We have a rich repertoire of experts, who would be more than happy to extend their skills to your benefit and this explains why we insist you on trusting our team and the Web Design services we offer.

Feel free to fill up Inquiry Form and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.

Success Stories

Shailesh Kapoor
(CEO, Ormax Media Pvt. Ltd.)
We have enjoyed a great working with Raj and his team at Core Informatics over the past four years. One of the biggest advantages of working with Core Informatics is that you get all the solutions under one roof, be it website, software for our research products or any other kind of online-related support. We look forward to working with Core Informatics on many new initiatives we are planning for the future.

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